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The "O, MY" in TonsillectOMY & AdenoidectOMY:
How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery, a Parent's Manual

The "O, MY" in TonsillectOMY & AdenoidectOMY:  How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery, a Parent's ManualDr Zelinger was inspired to write her book, The "O, MY" in TonsillectOMY & AdenoidectOMY: How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery, a Parent's Manual, by her actual experience with her son’s tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.  She wrote it to help other parents and children benefit from her family's experience.

Dr. Zelinger's concept of preparing a child for surgery is based upon the premise that information and preparation will reduce anxiety and help families to better manage the experience. She writes in simple language and provides scripts that parents can read to their children in order to explain the upcoming procedure.

The book is written with the 3-7 year old child in mind, however, the information can be adapted to a child of any chronological or developmental age. Her book discusses how to prepare for the procedure in advance of it and what to do in the days following surgery as the child recuperates. It may also be used as a guide for children undergoing other hospital procedures. 

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When interviewed for Reader Views about the development of her book, Dr. Zelinger describes, "I’m very much a detail person and I needed to know as much as I could about the procedure my son was about to have. I tend to get nervous about hospital experiences, and recognized that if I could de-mystify it for myself, then I’d probably be in a better position to handle it for all of us. True to form, I asked a million questions, (probably even drove the surgeon nuts!), but I got all my answers. Once that was accomplished, I wrote them down and saved them in case the information would be helpful to anybody else I knew --after all, I was traveling in circles with parents who had children the same ages as mine. Sure enough, people started borrowing my stapled notes. Slightly embarrassed by the condition they were in, I sat down to re-type and edit them, finding that, once again, my detail oriented obsessive side was nagging at me to organize and refine them, until I felt that they were in good enough shape to share." This book was first published in 2009 followed by a second edition two years later.

The "O, MY" in TonsillectOMY & AdenoidectOMY: How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery, a Parent's Manual is a book that can help any parent or care giver struggling with a child's illness. 

Publisher is Loving Healing Press

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Reading books can be a great way to help prepare you and your child for the surgical experience. Below is a list of books by age group that we find helpful for many families.

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Zelinger, Laurie: The "O, My" in Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy: how to prepare your child for surgery, a parent's manual

5 out of 5

by Laura from Montreal, Quebec, Canada | Jul 15, 2010

This is an excellent guide for parents whose child will (or might) undergo tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy. The author, a school psychologist, play therapist, and parent of four who has had one of her own sons experience this procedure, certainly knows what she is talking about.

This book is well organized and prepares a family to cope with these medical procedures. It comes with a useful preparation list, a bibliography for additional reading, and a caregiver’s section that can be filled out with important medical info and kept handy. Dr. Laurie Zelinger gives practical advice every step of the way, showing parents what to expect from the day they are told their child will need the operation to post-surgery recovery.

For example, she states that when parents first get the news that their child needs surgery, it is best “not to discuss the topic on the ride home. Children do not need to hear both sides of a situation, or any concerns that you may have.” How true! And how wise. This will avoid building fear in the child from the onset. I also loved the suggestion of providing the recovering child with a bell to summon the parent since they won’t be able to call out. It seems the author thought of everything.

Throughout the advice found in the pages of this book, I saw respect for the child as a person. Although this book is not meant to be read to a child (I initially thought it was when I requested it for review because it was categorized under books for children of Pre-K age), the parent can still show the illustrations and summarize the explanations especially prepared for telling their children why they need to have their tonsils or adenoids removed.

This book is reassuring, comforting and helps to alleviate any fears regarding these procedures. I would highly recommend it to any parent who wants to be prepared to help their child face a difficult situation smoothly and confidently.

Pookie and the Boys

As a mom you never want your child to be sick or to feel bad, or even to have to go through a surgery. Then one day you realize that they are suffering more days being sick than they need to and the cost of missing work is getting to be almost as much as the medical bills.

My son has finally surpassed the amount of "needed" bouts with strep and has been set up for a tonsillectomy. I was a little nervous about what to expect and how to explain it to him. Thankfully I was blessed with the opportunity to review the book The O, My in TonsillectOMY & AdenoidectOMY for Surgery by Laurie Zelinger. I jumped at the chance to get my briefing on the ups and downs of the surgery pre- and post-operatively.

She keeps it very basic with steps on how to explain it to the child without causing immediate panic. I wasn't worried about my son panicking, I was worried about me! I got ideas on how to approach the subject with him, pep talks for use prior to the surgery, all the way up to days before and the day of surgery. She gave me the "right" words to say so as to help my son understand what will be happening on his level. There is even a wonderful checklist in the back of the book to help with remembering what to bring to the surgery. Her "ultimate preparation list" looks like it has everything covered!

Her post-operative care was detailed and very helpful. I am thankful to have something I can refer to just in case I might forget what to do. Things like propping extra pillows under him while he sleeps, keeping him on his side to help with breathing. There [are] also signs she lists to watch for just in case you're not sure, things like fevers, dehydration, and infection.

I love this book and definitely recommend it to any moms who may be on the path of their child having this surgery. The book was easy to read, laid out wonderfully, and everything was explained in simple terms for you to understand. Thumbs up to Dr. Zelinger and her wonderful book.

I received a copy of this book to review. All comments are reflections based solely on my opinions.

The “O, MY” in TonsillectOMY and AdenoidectOMY: How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery,
Second Edition by Laurie Zelinger: Book Review

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 Reader Views
Book review, by readers, for readers

The “O, MY” in TonsillectOMY and AdenoidectOMY: How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery, Second Edition

Loving Healing Press (2011)
ISBN 9781615990535
Reviewed by Marissa Libbit for Reader Views (08/10)

The ‘O, MY’ in TonsillectOMY and AdenoidectOMY by Laurie Zelinger, Ph.D., is a book designed to educate parents about the procedures, what to expect on the day of surgery, and what happens in the days after.  The book is divided into four phases:  “Introducing the Topic to Your Child”, “Tackling the Subject”, “Getting Closer, Getting Ready”, and “The Day of Surgery- It’s Here!”  Following the four phases is a preparation list and a special section about rare, but possible complications.

Dr. Zelinger has written a clear, specific guide to aide parents in describing the what, when, why, and how of having a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.  There is a countdown of what to tell your child beginning at a 1-2 months period prior to surgery to the day of surgery.  Specific dialogues are suggested to give parents a practice sheet of sorts to initiate conversation about what the child should expect. 

As a parent of two children that have had their tonsils and adenoids removed, I can attest to the missing information I had before surgery and how nervous the lack of knowledge made me.  I remember having a very thin pamphlet to read.  Dr. Zelinger’s book would have not only alleviated any anxiousness my children may have had, but it would have given me confidence and peace of mind about what to expect the day of surgery and immediately following.  One child had no complications while the other threw up, suffered worse pain, and had nightmares.  This book lays out the possible side effects my child experienced which would have put me more at ease.  “The ‘O, MY’ in TonsillectOMY and AdenoidectOMY” is a must read for parents of future tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy patients and ENT’s who perform the surgeries.

The “O, MY” in Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy: how to prepare your child for surgery, a parent’s manual, 2nd Edition, by Laurie Zelinger Ph.D. (Author)
ISBN-10: 1615990534 ~ ISBN-13: 978-1615990535

Moomettes Magnificents: This is an informative reference source for parents, grandparents or daycare providers to sooth a child’s fears before undergoing surgery for a Tonsillectomy or Adenoidectomy.

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