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Drs. Laurie and Fred (Frank) Zelinger

New York State licensed psychologists and certified school psychologists
who have practiced in Nassau County for over 30 years.

Dr. Laurie Zelinger

Laurie practices an integrated blend of clinical and play therapy approaches for children ages 3-12. Her approach, while focusing primarily on the child’s needs, also encompasses parenting practices and other family issues as they interact with the child’s needs.
Doctors Laurie and Fred Zelinger - New York licensed pyschologists

Dr. Fred Zelinger

With diverse experience in public and private schools and private practice, Fred has a more eclectic approach focusing on systems and interactions between individuals and their environments. His practice spans the life cycle and is based on a fundamentally pragmatic and self-directed model of treatment.
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461 Albemarle Road, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 / 516.295.0993   ~   Fred: / 516.374.7501

The Drs. Zelinger have chosen not to participate on any insurance panels, however their office is equipped to accept all other forms of payment.